Another day, another year. {photo dump}

by megnewhall








IMG_5147 IMG_5164 IMG_5644 IMG_5690 IMG_5714 IMG_5725 IMG_5815

What a busy year it’s been! Owen is fourteen months old already, and is just beginning to walk. He is such a bundle of joy, his smiles fill my heart to the bursting point. He loves Walter more than anyone in this world, and follows him everywhere.

Walter just had his third birthday and the chocolate cake he’s been asking for. We took him to the beach and he played bravely in the water, recovering quickly after being knocked down by a particularly large wave. (Never fear, I was directly behind him and pulled him up the second he went down, there was no danger.) He is such a spirited little boy, and the happiness he brings us all is unmeasurable. He talks of many things, lately, he’s most interested in cooking food. He’s always telling me what we should make, (Ham and peas and potato soup) and what ingredients we should put in it (baking powder, sugar, salt) Hmm…maybe it’s not time to turn him loose in the kitchen yet. Haha!

It’s been a good year. Sorry for the photos being out-of-order chronologically, but Owen is already waking up and I must away.