by megnewhall












While Summer is officially over, the warm muggy days continue—making sweater-wearing and tea-drinking a real challenge. We’ve been doing some cozy activities though, going to Avila Valley Barn with friends to see the pumpkins, making pasta from scratch on lazy Sunday afternoons, and snuggling with our new baby, of course.

Owen is a dream child–he sleeps well, he eats well, and he spends his awake time looking around and gazing into our eyes. I didn’t know it could be so easy to have a baby! Walter never slept so well his whole first year of life. He is over six weeks old and has put on nearly 3.5 lbs. since his birth. I know he’s still considered a newborn, but he suddenly looks so much bigger!

Walter will be two this month, and he’s running around and talking so clearly. He’s been very tender with Owen, and while his tantrums have escalated somewhat, his usually cheerful demeanor makes him a joy to be around. He loves to color with crayons, play with beads, and create blanket forts and box-houses. He’s also developing quite a sense of humor. A recent exchange between he and Matthew:

Matthew: (preparing to change Walter’s diaper) Okay, little bottom, time for a change.

Walter: Okay, big bottom.

I’ve started taking Walter out on “dates” where I’ll order coffee and he’ll get steamed milk and we sit together and drink out of our matching cups while Owen stays at home with Papa. It’s helped him with the transition, and it helps me too, having that one-on-one time to focus on my firstborn.

Happy October, readers! Go enjoy something pumpkiny.