Owen’s Arrival

by megnewhall











Little Owen was born on Monday, August 18th at 12:24am. He is beautiful and we are smitten. Walter has been very sweet towards him. He wants to hold him frequently and showers him with kisses. I hate having to discourage his enthusiasm at times, but I don’t want Owen to be smothered in a loving embrace either!

Having a second child has been a much smoother transition than having a first child. We are already back in the swing of our lives, even though it has been less than two weeks since his birth. Park dates, brunch with friends, and I even braved the grocery store by myself with both boys. 

Owen was baptized last Saturday with my brother and sister as his godparents, and my mother and father present too. It was a beautiful ceremony and so wonderful to have them here to celebrate with us. 

Matthew has been taking such good care of me through these early days with a newborn. He’s been getting up with Walter and keeping him quiet so I can sleep in, making me breakfast in bed, and coming home from work early to help out. He also spent this afternoon creating a pot rack for our kitchen. It turned out beautifully. I’m so lucky to be married to such a thoughtful and creative man!